Tailor-made solutions

Every event is different. This is why we offer tailor-made technical solutions. Customised to your requirements, the venue, the number of participants, and the character of the event.

Professional equipment

Professional results require professional tools. This is why we operate exclusively with state-of-the art equipment, that suits your demands and meets the highest quality standards.


Professionals want to cooperate with professionals. This is why Bernhard AV works with highly qualified staff only. Whether planning or running the event – our staff will support you with their technological expertise and knowledge.

Overcoming language barriers with BOSCH Interpretation equipment

For interpretation, we exclusively use Bosch’s Next Generation digital infrared systems. Up to 31 interpreting channels, plus floor language, can be provided for communication across all language barriers. An audio bandwidth of up to 20 kHz guarantees superior voice clarity and sound quality.

BOSCH digital infrared receivers have a long battery life and are particularly easy to use. BOSCH’s well-designed headsets offer superb sound quality and are comfortable to wear.

Our mobile interpretation booths not only meet the requirements of EU standard 4043, but excel in terms of features and working comfort for interpreters.

Meeting all your needs: Office equipment by Bernhard-AV

We provide IT and office equipment and set up temporary back-office work sites for events and media centres.

Our package includes PC and network technology that meets your needs as well as high-speed printers and multi-functional copiers for fast and flexible on-site document production and copying.